Heidelberger Gesamtverzeichnis der griechischen Papyrusurkunden Ägyptens

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BGU VI 1253 TM Nr. 7325

Beschwerde bei der Polizei

Ort unbekannt II v.Chr.
Material Papyrus
  • Bauschatz, Law and Enforcement (2013), S. 58f. (Z. 1-23)
Inhalt Eingabe, Überfall und Raub von Kleinvieh, Antrag auf Schadensersatz
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δ̣ρ̣α̣ν̣[ -ca.?- ]
καὶ τὸν δηλούμενον φ̣ύλακ̣α
προσεμαστίγωσαν αἷς εἴχ̣[ο-]
σαν ῥάβδοις κρναναιναις(*) ἐπὶ
5τὸ ἔδαφος ῥίψαντες αὐτὸν
\ὥστʼ ἂν δεινῶ[ς] διακε[ῖ]σθαι ὑπὸ τῶν πληγῶ(ν)/. ἐπεὶ οὖν ταῦτα δ̣ι̣απεπραγμέ-
νοι εἰσὶν ἀποστατικῶς [δ]ια-
κείμενοι \⟦ὅ̣σ̣α̣⟧/ τά τε κτήνη ἀπε-
βιάσαντο καὶ ᾤχοντο ἔχον-
10τες βουλόμενοι ἃ εἴη̣σ̣α̣ν̣
ἐπιτετηδευκότες δια[σ]κε̣-
δάσαι, \ὅ̣θεν κ̣α̣ὶ̣ ὑπʼ αὐτὸν τὸν κ̣[  ̣  ̣  ̣]  ̣ε̣σ̣  ̣ν̣/ προσαγγέλλω ο̣ὖ̣[ν]
ὅπως ἐπελθὼν ἐφίδηι(*) τ̣ὸ̣
γεγονὸς βλάβος τά τε κ̣[τ]ή[νη]
15ἀσφαλασηι(*) καὶ τὸν Πετεσοῦ-
χον σὺν τῶι Ὀννώφρε[ι] ἐξα-
ποστησ̣εις(*) ἐφʼ οὓς κα[θήκ]ει,
ἵνα τύχωσιν τῆς ἁρμοζούσης
ἐπιπλήξεως ⟦κ̣α̣ι̣  ̣  ̣  ̣⟧ ε̣ι̣  ̣  ̣
20ἐπαναγκασθῶσιν ἐκτεῖ[σ]α̣ι̣
τὸ βλάβος, ἐπιδέδωκα δὲ
καὶ τοῖς εἰθισμένοις.
(ἔτους) [ -ca.?- ]
(hand 2) ἀντίγραφον προσ-
25ανγελίας κατὰ Πετε-
σούχου καὶ Ὀννώφριος   ̣  ̣  ̣
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English translation


1  … and in addition, they (i.e., Petesouchos and Onnophris [see below]) beat the aforementioned phyla with the hard clubs they had in hand, hurling him onto the ground. And since they did these things in a rebellious manner, and both abused my sheep and departed, taking with them whatever they wanted, and deliberately scattered, I submit this report, so that coming, you may see the loss that occurred, and you may guard the sheep, and you may stand Petesouchos, along with Onnophris, before the proper officials, so that they may receive a fitting punishment… (and) they may be forced to compensate me for the loss. I have also submitted (a report) to the customary officials. Year…


12  To Imouthes, phylakitês.


24  (in a second hand) Copy of a notification against Petesouchos and Onnophris. (J. Bauschatz, Law and Enforcement, pp58–59)